Powerful, Tiny, Revolutionary

Bossa's Most Advanced Hearing Aid for Just $247

Introducing the ProTon Max.

4.8 out of 5.0

"The ProTon Max is revolutionary. Portable charging case with LED indicators displaying each hearing aid's battery level. Outstanding clarity, and virtually no feedback or background noise. No need for audiologists anymore."

  • 2023 Advanced Digital Technology

  • Virtually Zero Background Noise

  • 35+ Hours of Clear Sound Per Charge

  • Portable Charging Case With Indicator

45-Day Return Policy

Free 1-Year Warranty

Free USA Delivery

Did You Say Digital?

Yes. Digital. Bossa's all new ProTon Max are 100% digital hearing aids, providing you with the most advanced, state-of-the-art, enhanced sound. This means, crystal clear sounds, even less background noise, and several different settings for different types of environment.

Battery Indicators

We have received endless requests for the TX-5 Mini to be able to know how much battery the hearing aids have. We listened, and have completely redesigned our charging case. The ProTon Max's case allows the user to see how much battery each hearing aid has individually. And the best part... 30+ hours of premium sound per charge. 

Tiny But Powerful

The ProTon Max is the smallest hearing aid we have designed. Smaller than the TX-5 Mini and even smaller than the ProTon Plus+. With our new volume system you no longer have to deal with tiny screwdrivers to change the volume. Simply click the button on the hearing aid and different volume settings will cycle. We keep making our hearing aids smaller without sacrificing quality and price. Are you ready to change your life completely? 

Affordable for Everyone

Bossa Hearing has spent years analyzing the market. We were able to source all of the internal parts for our hearing aids with one objective in mind - beat everyone else's price... and we did. Nobody in the market has a cheaper hearing aid than we do. And if you find someone else with the same product or price point - they probably got it from us. 

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The Reviews Are In!

The Proton Max hearing aid has truly been a game-changer for me. It's astonishing how such a compact device can bring back the richness of sound in my life. From conversations with loved ones to enjoying music, this hearing aid has rekindled my sense of joy and connection, and I can't thank it enough for the transformation it has brought to my everyday experiences.

Linda R.

Verified Buyer

Bossa hearing has been nothing short of a lifesaver for me. It's almost magical how the Proton Max seamlessly fits into my daily routine while offering crystal-clear sound quality. From family gatherings to the subtle nuances of music, this little device has truly rekindled my appreciation for the world of sound, and I'm incredibly thankful for the profound improvements it's brought to my life.

Judy F.

Verified Buyer

I first came across the Proton Max hearing aids through a Google ad, and it's been a life-changing find. These remarkable hearing aids have not only restored my ability to hear clearly but have also connected me with my grandchildren in ways I never thought possible. The joy of knowing they can finally hear and understand me is immeasurable, and I'm grateful for the profound impact the Proton Max has had on my family interactions.

Carmen W. 

Verified Buyer

I stumbled upon the Proton Max hearing aids through a Facebook ad, and I couldn't be happier with my discovery. These remarkable devices have transformed my life by providing exceptional sound clarity and comfort. Thanks to the Proton Max, I now enjoy crystal-clear conversations, music, and everyday sounds, and I can't imagine going back to life without them.

Dong C. 

Verified Buyer

Discovering the Proton Max hearing aids through a Facebook ad was a true stroke of luck. These remarkable devices have not only enhanced my hearing but also come with an incredibly affordable price tag, making them the best hearing aids I've found for under $250. They provide unparalleled sound quality and clarity, ensuring I never miss a moment of life's beautiful sounds.

Joan S. 

Verified Buyer

After my friend's glowing recommendation of Bossa Hearing, I decided to try the Proton Max hearing aids, and they've exceeded all expectations. These devices are truly top-notch, offering exceptional sound quality and comfort. What's even more impressive is that they come at a price point under $4,000, making them a fantastic value for the quality they deliver.

Caroline W.

Verified Buyer

Pick Your Hearing Aid


Charging Case With Indicator

Digital Sound Technology

Ships to Your Door

Fully Rechargeable

ProTon Max

$247 / Pair

TX-5 Mini

$89 / Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Bossa hearing aids help with tinnitus?

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a condition that affects roughly 20% of adults. While hearing aids can’t cure tinnitus, they can boost ambient sound, or white noise, which results in less noticeable tinnitus symptoms. Bossa customers with tinnitus have reported an improved quality of life since using our hearing aids.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy has been updated as of 03/28/2022 from 30 days to, now, 45 days! We officially have a 45-day money-back guarantee return policy if you are not completely satisfied with your Bossa hearing aids. Simply return your product and we will refund your money. We also offer a 12-month manufacturers warranty, should your Bossa hearing aids develop any problems due to workmanship or design. Again, simply contact us with the issue, send us the product, and we will either fix the problem or send you a new one.

Why are your prices so low compared to other hearing aids I’ve seen?

Many other hearing aid companies have costs that we simply do not have. Audiology centers are large, expensive offices with costs that we avoid. We have streamlined our processes and cut our costs to deliver our product to you at a huge savings.

Do I need to take a hearing test before buying?

Our hearing aids are developed with cutting-edge technology to work for nearly everyone. With our volume controls and different sized ear tips included with your order, you can rest assured that your Bossa hearing aids will fit comfortably, and give you the results you need, without having to see an audiologist or take a hearing test.

How do I care for my Bossa hearing aids?

Just like with any piece of technology, how you care for it determines how it functions and how long it lasts. With some simple maintenance, your Bossa Hearing Aids will last you a long time. A simple removal and gentle cleaning of the ear tips with a cotton swab will remove any wax, skin, or hair that could block the sound waves. Keeping them away from water and recharging them each night will ensure that they are working at their best. 

Hi, I'm Kathy

I am the CEO of Bossa Hearing. When I was 55 years old I started experiencing hearing loss. I decided to go to an audiologist just to find out a pair was $4,000! Needless to say, I was discouraged. I couldn't afford that and I know majority of people can't. This is why I dedicated years of research to create Bossa Hearing. The beauty of Bossa is that you don't need an audiologist. They are built for people that have mild hearing loss to severe. Simply put them on, adjust the volume and let the hearing aid do the work. Bossa was created to Unite the World, One Word at a Time.


ProTon Max Hearing Aids

$247 / Pair

45-Day Return Policy

Free 1-Year Warranty

Free USA Shipping


ProTon Max Hearing Aids

$247 / Pair

See What's Included in Our Bundle ➡️

- A pair of high-tech rechargeable hearing aids

- Portable Charging Case

- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty details

- Additional ear tips (SM, M, LG)

- Instruction manual

  • 2023 Advanced Digital Technology

  • Virtually Zero Background Noise

  • 35+ Hours of Clear Sound Per Charge

  • Portable Charging Case With Indicator

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Alan L.
United States United States

Best in Class

I've tried them all. I just returned the Audien comparable model. I loved their Atom Pro but was always looking for something better. BOSSA did it. New technology great fit and after a couple of days of messing around wit the settings, these things are great. I'm a truck driver and the background noise reduction if fantastic. I can't say enough..Grand slam (in my book). I will definitely refer these to people in need.

Marcus L.
United States United States

So small even my wife is impressed!

If you're on the hunt for a bang-for-your-buck hearing aid, the Proton Max is a real gem. While it might not have all the fancy bells and whistles, it's a wallet-friendly lifesaver. It's got a low-profile design, so you won't feel like you've got a spaceship in your ear. What's even better, the sound quality is surprisingly good, even when things get noisy. This hearing aid is straightforward to use, and the battery life is pretty impressive, making it a top choice for budget-conscious folks in need of reliable hearing assistance.

Robert R.
United States United States

Worth every penny... Thank you Bossa

For folks dealing with hearing troubles, the Proton Max hearing aid is a the best choice. It's not the fanciest, but it gets the job done. It's not too bulky, so you won't feel like everyone's staring at your ear. The sound quality is outstanding, and it's not too hard to figure out. The battery life isn't bad either, so it's a pretty user-friendly hearing aid for those who need one. Definitely better than the TX-5 Mini.

Sheila H.
Canada Canada

Terrific for the price

I started with the TX 5 & was pleased with those for a few wks but hard to get correct volume ( couldn't believe the price). Sent for ProTon Max & much more successful getting volume set coŕrectly. It's definitely a fiddling curve but I am loving them. Today there is a price special showing on my tablet of 100$ off, it's tempting not to buy another pair at that price.

Rick S.
United States United States

About time

Easy as pie. Like falling off a log. Fine as a frog hair!